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Personalise your memorial fonts

What font would you like for the Name of your memorial?  Choose your favourite or let me do it for you.

Font choices can alter the tone of your memorial - from traditional or elegant, to fun or quirky.


Open the images below to view a selection of fonts suitable for stone engraving.


Bigger and bolder fonts are more legible and look better on stone.

If you had a specific font or style in mind, please let me know as I have hundreds of alternatives to choose from. 


Fonts are best used in combination;  ie, a fancier font for the hero text (name) and a plainer regular font for inscriptions, or vice versa.  During the design stage, I may offer you some font variations to choose from.

For legibility, high contrast (very dark or very light) colours are recommended for smaller inscription text.  All other colours including metallics and glimmers can be used for the larger ‘name’ or hero text.  

I confirm all choices with you prior to production.


For inspiration, visit my photo gallery.  If you see a font you like, tell me the memorial name or the photo number (bottom right of photo).

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