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A bit about me

Hi, I'm Lee.  A warm welcome and thank you for stopping by.


I love being creative with our beautiful New Zealand stone.  I am a one-woman small home business and I take great pride in what I do.  I am especially honoured when I am trusted to create memorials that provide comfort to people and help them remember their treasured pets and loved ones.  Having lost many people and pets of my own, I understand the deep grief and emotion behind every tribute I make.

I personally select each individual stone, conceive a thoughtful design and respectfully engrave each piece by hand, hoping this personal touch adds to the mana and significance of the stone.  I enjoy working with my customers to create truly bespoke and meaningful keepsakes, whether they be memorials, celebratory stones or personalised paperweights. I am always happy to answer any questions, discuss ideas and bring them to life, as there are no limits to our imagination.

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Because all of my stones are customised in some way, I realise the amount of available options on my website may be overwhelming or confusing to some people, especially if you are grieving.  If this is you, or you’re just a little unsure, please feel welcome to email or call me instead.  We can have a nice chat and I can take care of everything for you.


If you feel comfortable doing so, I also welcome and appreciate it when my clients share photographs and stories about their lost pets and loved ones with me.  This really helps me to get to know them and thereby offer suggestions which may help make the memorial even more meaningful.   

For example, I can offer red, grey, tan, mottled and striped stones that match fur shades or patterns; I can incorporate favourite colours, collar colours or colours that match personalities like zodiac fire signs; and I can incorporate prized toys or the flowers that grow next to their favourite sunny spot in the garden.  All the little things that remind you of them.

If you would like to see my digital memorial dedication videos, hear the stories behind my creations or get to know me a bit more, I invite you to follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages – I post all sorts of tidbits and really enjoy interacting with everyone's comments and posted photos with their stones.  Seeing memorials in their final resting places, honouring those loved and lost, makes what I do so incredibly worthwhile. 🖤


Here when you need me,


Why I love stone so much

I've always had an appreciation for the natural world and find all sorts of geological formations fascinating.   Crystals and gemstones, colourful granites, elegant marbles, silvery schists and even our robust, understated greywacke.  There is true beauty trapped beneath our feet and in the rivers and mountains around us.

Stone is beautiful, humble, durable, lasting.

Formed and shaped over millions of years, stone is the witness to our existence, and it is therefore my belief that it holds the mana and memory of all living things.

Stone was here yesterday. Stone is here today.  Stone will be here tomorrow.

To me, stone is the perfect natural medium to work with, especially for memorials, because it will endure long after we've gone.   A true lasting legacy of your love.  If you have ever walked an old cemetery and seen the old, old monuments, you will understand the deep meaning and connection this has.

My memorial stones are intended to be kept with you at home where your memories are - a more warm, personal and intimate setting where you can feel close to the pets and loved ones you've lost.


021 464 483


Monday to Friday 9am - 4:30pm

(closed on Weekends & Public Holidays)

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