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Memorials and custom creations

Everlastings memories in New Zealand natural stone

Mark a special occasion, or commemorate the life of a lost loved one or treasured companion with a truly lasting reminder.

My lovingly crafted memorials are a personal and intimate touch. They safe-guard the special memories of the people and pets who are dear to us.

Easily transportable, you can take your memories with you, wherever you go;  at home, in the garden, or send to friends and family who are unable to attend unveilings.

Because the grieving process can often be overwhelming or stressful, please don't hesitate to allow me to help you with any memorial design or wording decisions.

For inspiration, you can also view the Gallery.

Classic Range vs Signature Range

Choose between a more budget friendly stone with simple silhouette imagery (Classic Range) or a more intricate detailed design (Signature Range)

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