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People & Loved-One Memorials

Treasured reminders to keep with you at home

Helping you create memorials in honour of the people you love, is one of my greatest privileges. 


Having a remembrance stone at home with you is a lovely reminder that they are with you always, and that you’ll always remember them;  whether it is celebrating the life of a much missed parent, or honouring the life of a dearly loved child you never got to hold.  Home memorials are an enduring symbol of your love.


Home memorials are intimate and meaningful. Because they are personalised, they can more fully capture your relationship with them.   There are often strict rules with cemetery headstones and plaques, so having the opportunity to express your feelings and love in your own way with a home memorial, makes them all the more special.


There are many ways in which we can honour and pay tribute to our loved ones:

  • A memorial to place in your garden, a specially created Memory Garden, or under a planted remembrance tree.

  • Leaving a pebble with their name on it in the place(s) you spread their ashes

  • Leaving a pebble with their name on it in the places that were special or had meaning to them (favourite beach, park, workplace, holiday spot)

  • Small personalised stones to give out at funerals or unveilings

  • Stones to send to family/whānau from out of town or overseas, who can’t attend funerals or unveilings

  • Leaving a small personalised stone or Pikorua at the gravesites of loved ones when you visit them overseas – a beautiful way to leave a connection to NZ/whenua and a message of your love.   

  • Small, personalised paperweight memento's for your desk or bedside table

  • Alternatives to personalised stones, are my Love Buttons (heart pebbles) or Pikorua’s, symbolising eternal and enduring love, and the connections/bonds between two people.


View the gallery below to see how others have honoured their loved-ones.  However you choose to express your love for those you hold dear, I am here to help in any way I can. 



Supplying your own stone

Some people ask if they can supply their own stone, which has a special connection and meaning to them. I am very happy to discuss this further, keeping in mind the following:

  • The stone would need to be under 15Kg in weight

  • Have a flat (as possible) surface, suitable for engraving. Note,  I cannot grind down or shape the stone, plus some stones are porous and don’t give a good engraving result.

  • It is useful to see a clear photo of the stone, with size dimensions, so I can create a design that compliments and fits the stone shape.

  • The price would be the same as the equivalent sizes I offer.  Eg, if the stone was 200mm in diameter, it would be the equivalent of a Large Memorial and priced the same, plus additional shipping to and from.


Please feel welcome to contact me to see if I can help you.




I don’t usually offer this service, as I cannot supply, cut, shape or polish granite headstones. I am also restricted by what I can single-handedly lift (max 15kg) and fit into my sandblasting cabinet. 

That said, if you are able to supply a small, finished headstone, I may be able to assist you with the design and engraving for $400.  An example of my work is in the gallery below. 


This is a localised Wairoa-only service for drop-off/pickup, as I cannot offer shipping for headstones.   For the budget conscious, you may be able to source small granite hob offcuts from benchtop manufacturing companies, who may also be able to polish the edges for you.

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