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Add more meaning with colour

Personalise your memorial colours

Choose your preferred colour(s) or let me do it for you.

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I'm not afraid to offer colour in my stone creations. My huge range of bright shades, beautiful metallics and glimmers, is one of my signature features that you won’t find elsewhere.


Incorporating colours can make your memorials all the more meaningful.  For your loved-ones, a favourite shirt or flower colour; or for pets, a red collar, or a prized green toy.   Special and personalised touches that remind you of your lost loves.


For grieving children who have lost a pet or loved-one, I also have a novelty Glow-in-the-Dark option which can soothe and provide comfort at night. Eg, glow-in-the-dark ‘Paw Pebbles’ which can be held in little hands under the bed sheets, or set on bedside tables .

  Most glow paints on the market are very dim and only last an hour, but the paint I specially import is brighter and lasts all night. Please note the Glow-in-the-dark colour is for indoor-use only and not suitable for outdoor memorials.


 Colour Considerations

When ordering a custom memorial or stone, you can have as many colours as you like, keeping in mind that less is often best.  I can offer guidance and will confirm your choices with you prior to production.

When thinking about colours, please also consider text legibility.  Colours are best reserved for simple images or large fonts.  High contrast colours are best for detailed images or small text.

Colour Longevity

I work with the same paints used by headstone manufacturers and professional outdoor mural artists.  These paints are exterior rated and designed for outdoor environments.  But as with all paints, even weatherproof, continual exposure to harsh weather and sunlight over many years (decades), will slowly degrade/fade the paint, affecting it’s hue and lustre.  If possible, I recommend a sheltered outdoor position to help protect and extend the paint shelf life.  If ever needed, a quick touch up is easy to do.


Some specialty colours (eg, glimmers) are not exterior rated and indoors-only.  I apply a clear UV sealant to all these paints making them technically suitable for outdoor placement, but if exposed to the weather, their longevity will be reduced when compared to exterior rated paints.


If you have any questions, I am here to help in any way I can.

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